It’s Always Something (Song) ~ Oct. 22, 2017

Lyrics coming soon-(writing process)

I have time to write now. Boom here it goes partially.

Does society, really even care?

We gotta breathe right, through the open air

When it’s always something

Can never be who we wanna be

That’s the only thing you take from me

‘Cause it’s always something

(Got melody)

(Get real baby!)

Having, nothing to learn

Expecting evil in return

Made gods, who are just like, you&me

Don’t you see?

It’s always something

Watching sex and drugs on the tv

Rock and roll ain’t for free

But it gives me something

All it takes from you, is nothing

Sometimes living right’s, not easy to do

(I have to write in melody)

Peace isn’t just for you

When we have to deal with the struggles down here.

And you make up something


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