Fast Times At O’Connor H.S.

In my high school years, dealing with my teenage path, I had a few options I was able to achieve. In my middle school year of 8th grade, I took an odd approach of not finishing a few assignments, towards the end of the year. Dealing with a few bullies, like I always dealt with in school from kindergarten, I had failed 8th grade.

I had moved out of  San Antonio, TX, to a little town by Medina Lake, called Lakehills. There, I was able to take a class in Bandera County, that consisted of computer courses, to get me back into 9th grade. I had taken other classes to boost my H.S credits but were lost.

These options help me to transfer to Sandra Day O’Connor High School, where my friends and girlfriend at the time were. Before I had done this, I had to take an Agricultural Science course at the Bandera H.S.

In my years at the Bandera and O’Connor H.S., I learned many things. Tools were the very first things a student learned. Welding, as I took interest in, help me build my first BBQ smoker at Bandera H.S. Then I shortly took a transfer to the other school.

One of the requirements, for O’Connor H.S., was to buy an animal for raising, ultimately to sell in the stockyards for money. I bought a pig. I named him O’Wagoner, after the “Peace” officer that worked in the city of Helotes there, whom always harassed me. Not to mention he always stopped people at a speed zone that turned 70 mph to 55 mph all the time.

One time, I posed for a picture in the stables (or barn) for the school paper, and told them what my pigs name was. That opened a big can of worms.

I worked hard to raise that pig. I would wake up as early as 5:00 am in the morning to walk my friend’s pig, and mine, every weekday for 5 to 6 months. Besides my little joke on the town cop, I took it very seriously. They taught horticulture there as well too, and I did very well on the tests.

My knowledge was ever-expanding to a professional student. As far as cutting classes, which was my responsibility, I was also dealing with the bully from the year before, which took more violent sequences. As well as some of the teachers bullying too.

I had been suspended one time and I was not able to take the Agricultural test, I was sure to ace. That test was to determine if you could sell your animal at the stockyards, the teacher announced. It turned out that being a so-called “trouble maker’ would determine my outcome. So I sold it to somebody that wouldn’t kill him and they kept it on their farm.

I lost track of O’Wagoner, and hopefully he had a long life. I have never forgotten my knowledge of Agricultural Science and the importance of it. I went Ag on some of the bullies, and on myself, which was not healthy. I made a mess of trying to be funny, and it did not turn out so well. Learning is part of it.

*Note: The bully in this story shall go nameless. He beat up a good friend of mine named Angel, whom was a small kid. The bully was 6’5 even at the time. I asked, “Why he did it?”

He said, “Because he was annoying me.”

That’s originally where the story began.


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