End of Aids By 2015 (Lets Get The People Talking)

Ye’ sir. Trying to get the town talking to end aids by 2015… The importance among the humble, the appreciative for life, and all good deeds for this cause are truly important.
   It makes this country look good. It makes other countries see that we’re not as arrogant as we seem. For this, we do works of kindness and attain a grasp of freedom and enlightenment.
   Their is a togetherness for this issue, a ONEness to achieve this by this year.
   To believe in this, is something not imaginable 50 years ago.
   If it can be done, then let it be done. Let good deeds flourish, judgment be dismantled, squashed by our future generations, impelled in the minds and hearts of people and past generations.
   To see life suffer is only accepted as a gift with the Great Maker, and saddened by the humble and the appreciative for life.
   It is to some, very passionate works. They thrive for the cause not determined by illness, but the acts of man with cures. Modern medicine is a gift also.
   If we cannot arise for the End of Aids by 2015, we can be sure some will express it. We have the moral as human beings to fight for what’s right. We have the freedoms to let other people know your life is just as important as another life; capable of dreams, laughing, loving, sharing and caring . Let’s talk about you and me… Lets talk about it to the people in the crowd… Lets talk about how it was and how it should be. Lets get the people talking. Peace.

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