History Repeats Itself

Lately their has been an aerial assault on mosquitos in the Dallas area. They have held several meetings on the issue.

Recently Denton County (Far Northwest Dallas) has granted spraying over its town. Dallas was the first to allow planes to do so. They did not waste any time.

   Statistics for Texas  CDC Analysis 

  • 733 Cases
  • 30 Deaths


History (Real Talk)

Their is  a story I’m reminded of about my grandpa, Cornelius Depuy, who joined the Air Force out of New York, in search of a better life out of the poverty he endured there.

He had told me about the time his plane was shot down, and for the brief serious situation he encountered. Luckily, he was rescued before any of the enemy got to him and his crew.  His eyes showed no hesitation, and he did not know how much I appreciated him telling me this.

Upon his visit in the divide of Vietnam, the chemical they used was Agent Orange or herbicides in a mission called “Operation Ranch Hand” where their primary goal was to deprive the Viet Cong of vegetation.

My grandpa hardly smoked, and most would believe he had developed pulmonary fibrosis as a cause from the chemical they used to spray. I’m not sure what or if any involvement their was with it.  The military investigated it and determined their was not.

Final Thoughts

It is a shame to me that no one can be held responsible for the disease that ultimately took my grandpa’s life. I ask who will be responsible? If we might contract any harmful chemicals that we’re around at work, and by aerial spraying of mosquitos; if we indeed are sure that it causes, or adds up in our lifetime, the result of harmful human consumptions.  If History Repeats Itself, we’re surly doing something wrong.


Humanly Possible

 Lets Cut to The Chase, it’s hard to live out there. Let me tell you. I went on the D.L. (down low) once again to recollect myself. “Seclusion to find seclusion”, you might say. Upon my visit there, you really start to get in depth. My bravery has no limits, my fear is only peaked at the face of trouble, and my depth perception is the confidence that backs it up.

The enlightenment is the background and the platform in my life. It gives me all sorts of pride, not only for spontaneous ideas, but I feel the joy I didn’t once have.

For Humanitarian Day  I mostly thought about all the greats before my time, and one’s that are still with us today. To be one with human kind. I often thought about the label that still baffles me that you can grow some type of envy for it, or ridicule. Mostly on a type of religious basis.

*Note humanitarian – One promoting human welfare especially through philanthropy.

This got me thinking on the way I perceive myself among others.

I have actually made several peaceful protests in my day, several in California, and Dallas. I fight from the heart to sanctify life between right and wrong.

As I continue to follow the path, I take on the other adventures I pursue. As in a writing transcended to a form of activism. It takes it to whole different level. Perfection is something to strive on and being a “fundamentally functioning” person is not easy. I still make mistakes on what really is the truth out there. Not to mention I still make mistakes in general.

This is a constant battle. Expressing myself with integrity, but actually trying to stay humble. I don’t know if it’s God that makes me yearn for life or if it’s the earthly , no boundaries, that push me. As Humanly Possible, I try to be the best at what I can be, and try to do great things.