This Is My Blog

This space and group of words that is abundant in all forms of writing. My thoughts are always expanding into artistic designs. The ways that one can write a story in immaculate forms, or sometimes the way it’s written the first time, depends on how he/she/shim see it fit.

I Sometimes Don’t Care

  Not to say I don’t care in a bad attitude, and don’t take constructive criticism, but you have to realize that I strive to be different, just like everybody else. I thrive for a challenge and refuse to be perfect.

Hater’s Keep Hatin’

  Hater’s are in all forms and usually is related to one thing: jealousy. For some unknown reason, the most confident being (or so they claim to be) can be victim to this. This is based on emotions and hey, I don’t wanna return the favor, for it is a heavy burden to carry.

Take it Easy

  I don’t know everything and I’d like to think that’s a self-defense mechanism. I used to be unpredictable and stressed out all the time. It was then I had a mid-life crisis. So that probably means I’m gonna be dead by 50. I’m sure some people would like that.

Sorry, I Have Sense Of Humor

  In many ways, this tends to come out in my writing and personal life. They are the same. I am writing and moving my mouth to occupy somebody’s time. I hope it was worth it. I am going to wrap this up.

In Other Words

Yes, you read it, I might not be the most organized, best writer, but hey I don’t claim to be. If along the way it gets better, than good for me. I do this for myself. I hope others can relate, and that’s all I ask. This Is My Blog. It is often dished out as work. Thank you, come again.



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