ONE AT The Vans Warped Tour

ONE Members teamed up once again for the fight against extreme Poverty/AIDS/Hunger with the Vans Warped Tour, a Live Nation event, at the GEXA Energy Pavilion in Dallas, TX on July 3rd, 2012.

The goal was to reach 455 signatures, which was not met. It was rather low for the event. Making it’s presents among the younger generation can always be ever challenging. Their were people who held their interest in the idea and a lot of yes’ for volunteering.

Even though the goal fell short, it still impelled ‘Warped Tourians” and captivated their minds with a sublime banner, picture for the online 2015 Quilt in the fight against aids, and dedicated ONE Members. The ONE Campaign will proudly support the primary mission: To fight for the lives of extreme poverty.

Left to Right: Rusty Stickler, Elizabeth Brito, Brent Frysinger, and Derriq Maq


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