My Movie Mom

The Movie Mom

When I was kid growing up in Lewisville, TX I was enveloped in a world I did not understand. My parents had recently divorced, and I was living with my mom. I was 5 years old at the time. She was forced to work two jobs, where I have to admit, gave me and my brother room to get in trouble.

There is an old theater in Lewisville where I remember 3 of my first favorite  movies. They were “TMNT” or “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Batman”, and the dreaded “Child’s Play”. All three I saw with my mom.  Child’s Play wasn’t really kid friendly, and I would later have trouble dealing with the images. None the less, I learned to adapt and get over it.
Old 097
Throughout The Years

   After a decision was made for me and my brother to go move in with my dad, we would not see much of my mom. Already working two jobs, mostly at a country and western bar called Goodluck Rodeo on the weekends, where she was asked on a date by Billy Ray Cyrus one time, it just wasn’t plausible for a second family to share.

My dad’s second wife didn’t have a way of controlling her emotions due to the fact, we weren’t her kids. This caused friction even more when my half-brother was born. My brother and I were mistreated, and our emotions would stand helpless. I would then look to my mom for comfort.

When we did see her, I had a sense of security away from all the drama that unfolded daily at my dad’s house. We would usually go out with a few of  my mom’s boyfriends who bullied us a lot of times, and that would usually end their relationship. None of which would have patience to sit through a movie.

 So when we would see a movie, I knew it would just be me, my mom and my brother. We had seen every “flick”  from 1990 – 1996 , with her, on allowed visitations. Mostly action and comedies, and even “To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar”, were the numerous shows we attended.  We had seen the corkiest movies in the 90’s.

The Later Years

When my brother and I were tired of the abuse from our step- mom, we moved back in with our mom. This was once again a heavy burden and I was now building a wall around my emotions. As well as  going through a bit of shame with puberty and embarrassment. I began to rebel.

Movies weren’t being seen as much anymore and I wanted to hang out with my friends a lot. Most of the time they would lead me to trouble. I would usually lash out at my mom and cause her a lot of heartache. I was a “hot mess”.  I was dating a lot of  girls, being a “Rebel Without a Cause”, and I was being out of touch with reason.

It wasn’t until I had a son of my own, did I start to understand the whole purpose of what my Mom was trying to tell me. Already getting in trouble, I had one more bout with my ex-wife, when I lost myself again in resentful thoughts.

Kids, Watch Movies With Your Old Folks
   I hadn’t seen my mom as much since all the craziness of it, after she was stationed in Virginia with her husband, when we watched a movie at a theater, in 2010. Upon our visit to my Grandma’s house, in San Antonio, we saw “The Book Of Eli” which I told her it reminded me of another Denzel Washington movie we saw together, in the 90’s, when I was kid called “Virtuosity”. Of course she didn’t remember.
   I think parents should listen to their kids, and kids should listen to their parents. It should always be a give/take thing, if you truly love one another. Some people don’t have their parent around from loss or by some sort of conflict. So no matter how old you are, go take your mom to a movie. I have relived these moments 30 years later, and hope to do it again for My Movie Mom. Happy Mother’s Day.
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