Top 10 Jail Slang of the Day

  1. Ass to the Glass (On your last night, inmates grab you and make you moon the guards bare ass on the window)
  2. Jackie Chan’s (Shoes that kick your feet’s ass)
  3. God Pod (People that are scared or just want to study God/Theology) 
  4. Kool Aid (a guard who had an unhealthy stomach, eating up all the health insurance)
  5. Get a Little Act Right (Done)
  6. Prison Cookie Cake (Cooked without an oven)
  7. Already (Already tired of the saying) 
  8. Skin That (Like- real talk, keep it 100% )
  9. Square Business (Square-ware business, but don’t see a square)
  10. Bowling Alley( Down a long strip. Where all the commissary/chow is, and guys in prison uniforms look like bowling pins)

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