Mental Notes

   As usual, I take time to self educate. Maybe I have trust issues, therefore makes me slightly paranoid. I don’t have schizophrenia, or maybe I do. Who the hell knows? I take time to think about things, if I truly care about something, and if I feel it is important enough to write it, it’s dire to share it.

For the weekend of 4/20 I decided to take a break from my Twitter posts and writing. I wrote a story about “Herb the Mover” for the holiday, and not be so much of an interloper, was the need for the hiatus.

The brief time I was away, I also made a few small bucks for a job I can only manage to do 2 or 3 days out of the week. You could make a monkey do the same job. Seriously, it’s hard for me to stay awake it’s so boring. I also have mad ADHD, with a clash of OCD. Yes they clash and disagree regularly.

In moments such as being at the lowest point of a career, my mind is on overdrive. I’m having total out-of-body epiphanies . Putting my soul in the depths of a story. Thinking of the cliché and not wanting to become one. All this while trying to make sense of it all.

The best intentions are the ones you know feel right to you. I constantly yearn for a way to write better. I’m researching the best ways to apply serious life’s quests and taking Mental Notes of them. Just in these last few weeks I encountered a low point and refused to let it deter me. They actually fueled my ambitions to try to understand them. Boy, do I have some stories.


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