White Stallion

  •          In many ways, I do small deeds, thus go unnoticed. This is, in other words, quite depressing, but very droll to me. One of my recent doings, was a circumstance involving a nice car I could have gotten for myself. This story is for good hearts and people who think I’m a bad person.

An opportunity presented itself with a car for a $1,000.  A great deal considering all the trust factors, and it only had 60,000 miles on it. Not the best make and model, because it is known to have several flaws in production design. The car is a Dodge Intrepid.

While it should last well over a 100,000 miles, I thought it was in better interest for a certain young individual to have, because he is working and going to college. His parents are struggling as well.

I’m reminded of a story about my brother, Chris Frysinger, whom is in prison at the moment. Their was a time when he was ambitious and courageous, and still is in my book. He was attending college, had a nice girl friend, a truck (making payments), and a good job.  It would only be a matter of time before all four would elude him.

One night he was coming home late, when he flipped his truck over a guard rail. He would end up being stuck in the truck for 18 hours,  fracturing his vertebrae, in his spine. By miracle, someone had found him.

His job at the Randolph Air Force Base closed down in San Antonio, and in a matter of time he was in one last accident, when somebody ran a red light while he was in the back of a truck. While his girlfriend was by his side, she was tired of losing with him, and would be the last to leave.

This brings me, to me, into the great unknown. I feel confident in my decision to give this young student a car, he doesn’t have to fix all the time. In return he gave me his car, which just needs a few alterations, and is almost done. It has kept me busy. It’s a run down Cadillac Eldorado, I’d like to call, the White Stallion.  Having seen how hard life is, hopefully he can achieve his life goals, with no distractions. Hopefully the White Stallion can help me achieve mine.

*Taken by the city of Irving


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