Top 10 Jail Slang of The Day

    1. Heart Check (To see if you are scared when you first arrive in prison)
    2. Double D Line (some African dude telling you to split the line)
    3. Celly (your jail room mate)
    4. Keep It 100% (Kinda like real talk , but more subtle)
    5. Kangaroo Court (going to court in jail) ?
    6. K Building (real prison, from the farm, where bad people go)
    7. Spread (pitching in food to spread the wealth and spread the ration for Celly’s)
    8. Punk Squad (Gay shower cleaners)
    9. Work Restriction (You really don’t wanna be working for free, so fake an injury)
    10. If your plenty give me 20 (Don’t Do it!)

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