Coffee and Fair Trade

     I started my interest for the One Campaign simply because I saw a commercial on TV. The project was for “The F Word Famine: The Real Obscenity.” The message was forward and direct…all they asked for was, “your voice”. For some of the greatest voices on this planet, I knew it was the least I could do. I set up my Twitter account  in July of 2011; I followed the One Twitter in October,( three months later) to lend that voice.
     Taking on some important issues from Twitter feeds, the account began to be my Teachers. Educating myself alongside’s blogs and articles. I take in to heart human life with a passion, for which I think the current campaign is very relevant. It’s important to ensure companies report extractions and exchanges for the betterment.
     Recently, I attended my first One demonstration on February 28th at the Opening Bell Coffee House in Dallas, TX. The night consisted of coffee and open mic night. Kyle Talkington opened up with a good introduction. They had set up their booth with a petition list to provide your name and e-mail, voter registration cards, fliers, and wristbands at the front. To when I met up and talked with Kyle and Rustin Stickler. To both, I grew a new found respect for.
     I’m glad I forfeited my time that night, meeting some One members face to face. Seeing the importance, I only wish to dedicate more influence and positive outlooks. One is simple to me, we can think as one, and we can be as one. Peace.

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