………Minding My Own Business Pt. II

On Feb. 7, 2012, I was doing the normal routine, doing a couple of push ups, and doing a few sit ups. Upon doing some calisthenics I return to publish, write, surf the social media, read news and tweets. I watch a little day time television, multitasking away. Before I knew it, it was time for the news at 4:00 PM, central time. The amber alert had previously aired a report on Ellen. Then another story broke about a shooting at a Dart Train Station in Richardson. It got me thinking about my first story I wrote about this.

When I was riding the bus one time I bought a reduced bus fare ticket. I had purchased, in what I believed to be a discount for taking the train, in which I figured you got a discount for riding a direct train route. For it does not tell you what the reduced pass is for. I received a citation for fare evasion, originally reduced pass, not fair evasion, a sixty dollar fine. The day before Feb. 7,  I received a letter in the mail for the incident that happened in December 2011. It’s now a $200 fine. I thought it was at least gonna be a few more months for a big city, and considering I’m low on funds, bad.

The next day the shooting happened, but not before another incident involving crazy people, one man was pushed into an oncoming train, and another person fired a few shots at a different location. All after my first story about Steve, the dude who made my “spidey sense” go off. I know there are plenty more incidents that they don’t show happen on a daily basis and I can only imagine.

The story broke the news as I continued to watch, wondering what happened with the mother that kidnapped her own daughter. The news chopper had been circling, as the news casters were telling what bits and pieces of information they had, all the while waiting for Richardson Police to hold a conference on the issue. Finally the Sargent came on and gave a more detailed description of what happened. I heard a little piece of what he said and became weary. He said, “Their was an altercation between a driver and a passenger. The officer went to investigate, as she did, the man who was being disruptive started walking away. She chased after him, and the man turned around and started firing at the officer. The shots had hit some bystanders and the officer was hit, aided by her bullet proof vest, and one that grazed her arm. The man ran across the street into a near by business, as he died from injuries still pending on whether or not by suicide or by officers”.

Obviously the man was not right in the head, and could have ultimately hurt others a few days, months, even years later. This is very heroic by the officer, however the situation could have been avoided had she had just called in back up instead of charging up on someone. She could had followed him up a little more and then approached him.

I was wondering about the innocent bystanders for I had been optimistic about the tactics used. I was upset to think how everybody is just trying to make a dollar and have to fall into a situation like that. I felt bad, I cling to this story and my heart goes out. Maybe now they feel that they are a sacrifice. I could only imagine how the victims feel ………..Minding My Own Business, I could have let this story go, but I thought this needed to be brought to light. It also frustrates me to know that they waste their time on people who get reduced passes. They go hand in hand when somebody calls it out. Basing a real life situation and now have to pay for a mistake.

*Update: 2 bystanders, 1 being killed
Shooter is one, Cory Jones (diseased), shot by officers
Officer’s bullets hit 1 bystander in the arm
Shooter’s bullets killed one, Eric Johnson.


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