Eye In The Sky (Short Story)

The stars were shining bright one night in East Texas. Chad and his brother Patrick were hanging out in a car, listening to the radio, and having a few beers. The station was playing  rock music, Audioslave’s “Like a Stone”.

“Mom wants you to get a job,” Patrick said. “She wants you to help out with the bills.”

Chad lit a cigarette and took a drag. He blew the smoke out of the side of his mouth, angled towards the cracked window. Patrick being irritated by the smoke said, “Damn crack your window more,” and coughed.

“Look I’m trying to find a job. It’s hard to find one when we live so far from everything.”

“Chad…. you always use that as an excuse, you have to get a job, that’s it.”

“It’s bullshit,” Chad spoke out.

Chad and Patrick still lived with their mom. They had recently been fighting about this, for it had been three months since Chad had last worked. The car they were sitting in was a black 1996 Chevy Lumina, sitting by their double wide factory home, in an asphalt made driveway. The spot light came on by the side door; the wind had shaken the auto sensor. They thought they had woken their mom up, which they did not want to do. She would be pissed.

The spotlight turned off, and they were now sitting in the dark. The song had ended and went on to play an Alice In Chains song called “Rooster”. They both sat silently, listening to the tune. Chad gazed up at the stars, wondering how he could escape the thought of finding a job. He knew how hard it was to find work. He tried to think of several things to do for money, like starting a band, but didn’t know anybody to start one with. Thoughts raced through his brain.

Chad suddenly noticed something catch his eye. He pointed with his index finger, with the hand his lit cigarette was in and said, “Hey look, a shooting star.”

Patrick huffed, “I’m not kidding, quit trying to change the subject.’ He was looking right at Chad with his wide eyes, dark thick eyebrows, and goatee chin pointed down.

Chad was still locked in on the bright white dot as his long, blonde curly hair, blocked his view from Patrick’s crazy stare. “Wait wha- what’s that?”

“What?” Patrick gasped.

” Dude, seriously, look! That doesn’t look like a falling star, it stopped.”

Just then the object descended down and stopped again. Chad exited the car, as Patrick followed, both of their heads still cocked up at the sky.

“That’s not normal,” Chad whispered.

“It’s nothing,” Patrick scoffed.

Just then the bright phenomenon moved forward, and started to get closer. Patrick started walking towards the front door of the house, “I’m going in”. Chad speculated a bit, “We’re not alone.”

“That’s great, get a job.” Before Chad started walking towards the house, he looked back over, and the object had disappeared. He began to walk to go inside the house. “This must be a sign,” he thought to himself. He needed to start a band.


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