‘Til The Wheels Fall Off

When I started my Twitter account, it was about the same time the San Diego Comic Convention was going on, in July of 2011. I was a little upset and I was missing out. Also, the membership on my Xbox Live online had expired. I needed something to do, fast. Thus began to emerge my social media exploration. I never thought I would like it so much.

It manifested my life’s quest, dreams, and every imaginable possibility an American should be inclined to involve themselves with. True the internet is free, but the products and people are not. Trying to make a dollar in the cyber world is not easy though.

I read tons of tweets, posts, personal blogs, articles, video media, photos, share other people’s work, promote, write/draw/share my work, support online activism, instigate a marketing competition, trading stories, and publish a Daily paper. Along with this I’m seeing a movie, going to a concert, going to a club, eating out, going to outings and conventions around town. I consider myself an ultimate fan. I’m very thankful to be able do these things also.

My books are something I try to make time for. As you really have to have time to engage, as I am sometimes guilty for being so active. (along with a part-time job) Their is so much stuff to do. If I didn’t have to hustle money I would be in heaven. In a lot of ways I’m hustling already.

Enjoying things sometimes is a gift to yourself, and every one knows too much of anything can be bad for you. (You know what I’m talking about. (OCD). I love the amenities of life, and I’ll ride it ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off. It will never be overwhelming. The only thing I am frustrated with is their’s never enough time in the day. My sleep seems to always intrude with this. It sucks, but hey, I’m ready ride.


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