The 420 Take

It is to my knowledge that a certain Police reference or code, is the number 420, in regards to a person smoking marijuana on the scene. Not too sure about the California Law Enforcement codes. The term goes for a code of people that use the still illegal, tried to made made legal, but surpassed by medical consumption, also known as the “gateway drug”. Also known as a peace day (that should be everyday) and the birth date of Dictator Adolph Hitler.

My personal reference was to call on the “Call of Duty” players who wanted to play online,  the cyber world of Modern Warfare 2. The game I would ultimately get addicted to, as I played several opponents. I started the 420 number in reference to all the meanings of the number.

Personal belief, as many would agree, that alcohol is closely related to heroin. It seems an argument to be my “gateway drug”. In adaptation to natural highs like adrenaline or spinning in circles, and getting dizzy until you throw up. Not to mention DWI’s, or a number one death sentence if you think you’re invisible in a car, and invisible to sexual transmitted diseases. Good old liquid encouragement.

Doing my share of partying is at a cost, never knowing what the people you are involved with really have the best intentions for you. It is a harsh world out there for people who might just wanna have fun, and have to pay a price for it. I’ve learned this all through experience. Having slowed down I try not to get addicted to anything, even sex anymore.

The take on 420, I’ll use still to this day. Having lived in California, you know what I’m talking about. Playing a game of war is fun, but you still have to realize that it’s a game. I used 420  for the divine intervention between being a symbol of peace and hatred. A code for whoever grace’s their online presence with me. Almost saying that I come in peace. The hate part of it is something I’ll never understand.

As I remember where I was on April 20, 1999, was a day I’ll never forget and the same I remember like 9/11, was Columbine. Everyone should what day that is. A terrible day when I remember it was supposed to be a good day. We will never forget.


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