…..Minding My Own Business

A couple of weeks ago I was riding the Dart Green Line to downtown Dallas. I use the Dart system for part-time work at the Galleria Mall. I try to bring books for my 2 hour trip. Sometimes I don’t have time to eat lunch, so I bring a little bag of Ranch sunflower seeds. The bus can get boring, but not on this particular day. I kinda wanted it to go back to boring.

The bus I had ridden on  picked up some church choir singers who sang pretty good. It was different for that day. I liked it when they sang their tunes on the bus. We all exited the bus that was now at the Bachman Train Station. Stuffing seeds in my mouth I trailed over to the rail track, so I could be considerate of my shells, and dispose of them properly.

I kinda avoid people when I notice or sense a bad vibe from them. I glanced at the people singing on the bus went walking around the station to some apartments. Then they came back to the station. I had no idea what they were doing. Shortly after, I sensed a presence walking towards me, and my intuitions were alarming like Spiderman’s “spidey sense”.

Walking away, I held him in the corner of my eye, and moved backwards. Noticing this as well, he stopped. He looked over and asked me “Do you believe in God?”. Okay, at this point, “spidey sense” was right. I put my guard up, but remained calm. I paused for a minute trying to stay cool, and said, “Yeah, yeah I do.”He then replied back, “My name is Steve, please pray for me”. He also went on to say “So I don’t do something that I don’t want to do”.

Now at this point I’m wigging out on the inside. Before I could say anything, Steve walked away. I said, “Be cool man, it ain’t worth it”. I was about to alert a few people but I didn’t, wondering how I would react to a serious scenario. Just then the train pulled up. Still keeping an eye on him on the train, we arrived at my departure at the West End station. Nothing happened after that, and I hope nothing did.

………..Minding My Own Business, can only get by so far. From Bachman to the West End station is where all the “crazies” are. It brought to conclusion that maybe we are all in this together. I do believe in God. I do have my own perceptions, and can only say, “Baby I was Born This Way”. To some of you that might not be exciting, but I thought he was going to flip out and “Go postal” or something. I still think about Steve. I hope he is “making it’.


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