Funny, son

I  have a son whose name is Raiden Luke Frysinger and he is six years old. He’s a normal boy with a big imagination. Already getting in trouble in school for kissing girls, being disruptive in class, and eats lunch with the principal. He does know right from wrong, but he can’t slow down enough, with his energy.

Lately I’ve been doing my visitations at my ex’s house. Yes it is ridiculous. I  was set with temporary visitations. Due to some overwhelming situations. Freaking out Britney Spears style you could say. I’ve been grateful enough that I can still see my son.

While I was over at my ex’s house, I’ve been making it tradition to stay out of her house as long as I can. We take walks to the woods in Lewisville, where I literally see trash everywhere I walk. Along with trash, I see big mounds of dog poo. I often ask why my son lives in those apartments where people can’t take care of their surroundings.

Noticing all this, I made an entrance back through the front of the apartments, (Funny I was nominated to walk my ex’s dog Bella during all this) when I look over and Raiden is walking to a random apartment door. (I made a funny to myself, and thought he better not be knocking on the door and run off). What do you know? He did it, and started running.

I know what your thinking, I ran with him too.(We called it something else when I was a kid) Now I’m not a bad father. With all the trash, and me walking the dog, I already felt like a horse’s ass. I was a little worried about his influences honestly. His mother thinks she’s mother of the year, and I’m sure she would like to be hypocrite on this matter.

In all accounts of his actions, I am very worried that he is influenced. I would only hope to teach him to do his own thing and be his own person. As I tell his mother that I would like to have more time with him. All this, it was a great time. We ran around like we owned the place, like we usually do. And I would say, that’s Funny, son. I freaking love you.


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