The Electronic Human Spirit

The times have seemed to change. At least that’s what some people’s perception and opinions of 2011 have been. With the smart phones, tablets, and the glowing computers, one would say that they are nothing short of… a computer. They are actually light years away from Alan Turing’s classic computer.  When I was growing up, I’d always dreamed of playing other “Gamers” from other parts of the States, or other countries for that matter.

With all the hype on electronics, it’s  safe to say, that I’m still human. I’ve made some mistakes and took different career paths. I’ve always had a computer, and always had an Xbox. I have felt just pure joy at our capabilities to posses such talents, and admired the people who’ve made such great programs. They have truly shared a gift with all that enjoy creativity.

Writing, art, and creativity takes time out of ones day to appreciate. Lately their’s been a “war on piracy” and the pirates stealing from other “artists”. Which I think is wrong. If you don’t have the money, don’t buy it. With our economy not doing very well I can see why people won’t hesitate to bring piracy to an end. Will it ever end?

Everything seems to come down to money. Which takes away from the “Human Spirit”. When you take away something from somebody, they feel backed into a corner like a caged dog, which knows what it feels like to be left out in the cold. I’ve often asked  questions; “Is that the Human Spirit? To feel that way, when somebody takes something from you”? Well I would say yes, they have every right to feel that way. That’s why I’m a little nervous to walk downtown with my new Nook Color. Often feeling like “Do I deserve this”? Yes I do. I know what it feels like to be left in the cold.

The Human Spirit is what it should be. Always consisting of sharing, caring, respecting, giving, tolerance, and the ever delightful motions of life.  I will live with one saying in my life, “Money don’t make me, I make the money” attitude. Some people kill, and steal to get what they want. Which will never seem to end. My Human Spirit will “Stand up for the weak, and fight along with the strong”. My Human Spirit. And the “The Electronic Human Spirit” (mess with my Nook) and I’ll have to “Eye for an eye you”. Yes you.